‘Mob eviction’ in Alexandra leaves family terrified after husband ‘hit with axe’

Gibson Mzizi, Melissa Mzizi's husband, was attacked with an ax by a mob who forcefully evicted the family in Alexandra.

Gibson Mzizi, Melissa Mzizi’s husband, was attacked with an axe by a mob who forcefully evicted the family in Alexandra. (Chris Yelland)

An Alexandra resident, Melissa Mzizi, says the police are doing little to help her get her family’s RDP house back after a group of 40 people allegedly attacked her husband and occupied their home.

On Saturday, the group reportedly attacked the family in an attempt to kick them out of the home. Mzizi’s husband was taken to hospital after he was hit in the head with an axe.

Alexandra police have since arrested five people. The rest remain in the house.

Reprinted from News 24. By Azarrah Karrim 2019-09-23

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