What is the Rental Housing Tribunal?

The Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999 came into effect during 2000 and is the guiding legislation for the relationship that exists between tenants and landlords.
This legislation created an important body for landlords and tenants, the Rental Housing Tribunal. The Rental Housing Tribunal manages complaints from both landlords and tenants and will intervene, mediate and seek resolution on any issues submitted to them. It only deals with matters relating to residential properties, however, and not commercial rentals.
The primary reason for lodging a complaint with the Rental Housing Tribunal must be contesting unfair practice that has been undertaken by a landlord or tenant. The Tribunal focuses on quickly resolving disputes and must resolve a complaint within 90 days.
When the Rental Housing Tribunal reaches a final resolution on a matter, it is considered a court order and must be adhered to. As with all court orders, Rental Housing Tribunal rulings can be appealed through the High Court.
The Rental Housing Tribunal has offices in each province, which oversee cases within each of its geographical areas. Most importantly, the services of the Rental Housing Tribunal are free to use.
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