Arrear rental collections: know your rights

Unfortunately, due to a tough economic climate, it is becoming quite common that tenants default on their rental payments. This is a stressful circumstance for both landlord and tenant but it must be approached with caution and a full knowledge of the rights of each. 

If a tenant is seven days late in their rental payment, they are then deemed, in the eyes of the law, to be in breach of their lease agreement. It is up the landlord to inform their tenant of this, but it does not give the landlord the right to immediately evict their tenant. Through this official notice, a landlord is giving their tenant the opportunity to resolve their breach of the lease agreement.

If the tenant does not resolve the situation, a landlord can only then look towards evicting their tenant. But, a landlord cannot evict their tenant without following the correct legal processes. For that reason, if a tenant has defaulted on their rental payments, a landlord should obtain legal assistance as soon as possible.