Don't get frustrated from the eviction process!
    Let us handle the process - no stress for you!
    We will deal with courts and the tenant on your behalf
  • Don't let the tenant prolong
    the eviction process
    It can keep you up at night!
  • Don't waste your MONEY!
    Don't waste your TIME!

Tenant Rights
What a landlord needs to know

Landlords need to know what a tenant’s rights and obligations are. Unlawful conduct by the landlord can jeopardize the success of the eviction or even be jailed.

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Landlord Rights
Important info a landlord should know

Do you as a landlord know what your rights & obligations are when evicting a tenant? Knowledge is power and never more so than when a landlord evicts a tenant.
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Tenant Eviction Process
Know the right steps

A landlord should understand the process of evicting a tenant. This tenant eviction process is a legal minefield governed by the Prevention of Illegal Evictions Act and Unlawful Occupation Act.
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Why landlords should hire Eviction Lawyers South Africa

  • Hiring an experienced eviction lawyer in South Africa is the best way to improve your chances of success & help minimize negative outcomes that can harm your business.
  • Eviction Lawyers South Africa are able to quickly and efficiently navigate the complexities of eviction law, especially considering the vast tenant protections offered in South Africa today.
  • Landlords are especially benefited by hiring Eviction Lawyers South Africa if:
  • It is a landlord’s first eviction.
  • The tenant is fighting a landlords eviction and has a lawyer.
  • You are firing an employee and want to evict the employee at the same time.
  • Your tenant is filing for bankruptcy.


Evicting a tenant is a legal minefield! Read landlord specific information. Then call us!